Covid-19 Protection Package at London VIP Chauffeur

The Covid-19 protection package at London VIP Chauffeur is considered to be one of the best and highly thought through in the UK. In this unprecedented times, when everyone thinks twice before using any chauffeuring services, our team at London VIP Chauffeur work hard for the benefit and safety of their passengers. We are delighted to report that London VIP Chauffeur are offering a prevention package to their customers, consisting of sanitized fleets, Hypa Touch Nitrile Gloves, hand wipes and hand sanitizers. We are pleased to have been able to supply every single car with a basic PPE Kit, despite the widely reported shortage.

Our aim is to have these available for all our clients in the coming months so that as lockdown begins to lift and life begins to regain normality, we can protect our existing customers and future collaborators.

Covid-19 has been the most disruptive situation of a generation and without doubt the  most challenging times many of us will have seen or will see in our lifetimes. We understand the risks that people are taking in order to continue with their daily lives whilst staying safe. We will help you with travelling to work, meetings, airport runs, school runs, whatever you need to stay safe and carry on.

If you have any concerns, drop us an email or give us a call and we will put your mind at rest.

Stay safe!