How the Chauffeur at London VIP Chauffeur Disinfect their Cars in this worst situation of Covid-19?

Covid-19 Disinfect policy. This virus has impacted our lives, becoming increasingly difficult for us to travel from one place to another. The whole World is lockdown due to this pandemic, but sometimes during any emergency, we need to move from place to other. In this case, the biggest question is how to choose the particular services chauffeur provider who will make us feel safe, and there will be no chances of gets infected.

London VIP Chauffeur is one of the well-known and reputed chauffeur services provider in London. We always take care of their customers as well. The chauffeurs at London VIP Chauffeur disinfect their cars regularly and even after every ride so that the customers will get stress-free services.

Here are some of the ways, which are by the drivers at London VIP Chauffeur to sanitize their fleets

Vacuuming the whole car

The step of infecting the luxury cars at London VIP Chauffeur starts with the process of vacuuming the entire vehicle. Vacuuming is very much helpful in cleaning all the debris from the car. In this case, it is useful in cleaning all the infected debris from the car.

Use disinfectants to clean the surface

The team at London VIP chauffeurs uses the best disinfectants to clean the surfaces. Whether it is the couch or the car surface, the drivers who are available along with us clean the surfaces. Using sprays over the countertops, tables, and seats becomes very common for our Chauffeur in London after the spread of Covid-19 across all the major regions across London.

Sanitizing the touchpoints

It is the major mistake that most of the chauffeur services providers make, but we are the ones who are very much conscious about cleaning the touchpoints. As per the experts, such points are the most-infected areas inside the cars.

Use disinfectant to clean doors and handles

Doors and handles are such areas, which are liked to get infected fast as compared with the other regions. The team of London VIP Chauffeur keeps in disinfected such things regularly.

Wash hands regularly

Washing hands is very much essential to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The professional chauffeur in London keeps on sanitizing their hands daily so that they and their customers can stay free from the problem of Covid-19.

It helps our team in staying free from the germs and reduces the risk of the spread of infection as well.

Areas that we focus on making the car-free from infection

  • Steering
  • Door armrests
  • Grab handles
  • Seat adjusters
  • Windows and all the control buttons

Why your safety matters for London VIP Chauffeur?

We at London VIP Chauffeur start their services in the year 2008, and our aim concern is to make our clients feel safe while traveling with us. During the situation of Covid-19, travelers are always worried about their safety, and we focus on offering them a disinfected environment.