Chauffeur Tours in London

Guided Tour Chauffeur Services

Experience London like never before with the most luxurious tour on the market from experienced and professional chauffeurs. I London VIP Chauffeur services are custom built for you and your party, tailoring our packages to suit any party size with a selection of the most high end vehicles in the modern market.

With our vast experience in London and the rest of the UK with what it has to offer, we can curate or transport you on any size tour, highlighting the things that matter to you the most and seeing the most breathtaking sights that the country has to offer. As one of the most historically rich cities in the world filled to the brim with culture, this is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience that will be impossible to forget.

Tour Chauffeur
Travellers from across the World

Our multilingual chauffeurs ensure that whatever your background, our tour will be thoroughly enjoyable as you travel in the height of luxury across the countries capital, seeing the incredible sights it offers and creating a magical experience for you and your party.

5 Star-Rating

Our glowing reputation shows just how well we know our clients and the city, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you are in the hands of experienced professionals that know the city like no other.

Hourly Services

I London VIP Chauffeurs are one of very few companies in the area to offer you per hour services as well as larger packages, helping you get the best value for money possible from your tour without spending more than you need to.

Ultimate Selection of Vehicles

We have a massive selection of luxury vehicles, so whether you like Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, or anything else, you can find every type of lavish vehicle within your reach to give you only the most prestigious and enjoyable experience.

Best Choice for Long-Distance Travel

We have packages for both long and short tours, meaning that you can see the city however suits you best, all with the guidance and expertise of our experienced chauffeurs. While you are on our guided tour chauffeur services, our executive chauffeurs can stop anytime, anywhere. That is perfect for pictures, shopping, rest stops and anything else you’d like to experience.

Book your Ride-on Email, Mobile App or On WhatsApp

Our advanced systems mean that you can create and customise your journey in minutes. Whether you book with us through call, email, text or Whatsapp, we can create your experience in just a few moments, giving you an easy and hassle free experience from beginning to end.

Tour Chauffeur
Guided Tour Chauffeur
  • Unique and comfortable chauffeur services as compared to the others 
  • Flexible and customized itineraries as per your budget and your vacation 
  • Fully insured and fully inspected chauffeurs
  • Experienced London tour knowledge
Landmarks that you can visit with our I London VIP Chauffeurs

Although you can customise your chauffeured London tour, some of the most popular places to view include:

  • Westminster Academy 
  • Houses of Parliament 
  • Tate modern 
  • Natural History Museum
  • The London Eye 
  • Buckingham Palace 
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
Hotel, Restaurant, seaport, and airport pickup available

Your tour can begin from whichever location suits you best. With options for airports hotels, shopping centres and residences, we’re able to start and end your tour wherever is best for you. With onboard facilities like water, confectionaries and newspapers, you’re sure to be comfortable no matter where you begin.

Our Fleet

Mercedes Benz E Class, Mercedes Benz S-Class, Mercedes Benz V Class, Range Rover Autobiography; just some of the best and most luxurious designs in our fleet which is specially made for those who love travel in style. Having leather made interiors and enough leg space, comfort is guaranteed in whichever package you select.

E Class chauffeur Service
PriceFrom £55 / hour
Business Class

Mercedes Benz E Class

Those who seek class comfort and luxury, Mercedes Benz E Class is dedicated to you.

  • Driver
  • Luxury
  • Wifi
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Luxury Vip Chauffeur Cars
PriceFrom £75 / hour
First Class

Mercedes Benz S Class

Highly comfortable and relaxing Mercedes Benz S Class Chauffeur services are available.

  • Driver
  • Luxury
  • Wifi
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Chauffeur airport cars
PriceFrom £75 / hour
Business Van

Mercedes Benz V Class

When you get a chance to out with your group, the V class has an excellent space for you.

  • Driver
  • Luxury
  • Wifi
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